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We are an ever expanding enterprise geared toward providing high quality solutions for the building industry.Our organization is split into 2 companies: RA and Sons Ltd. and RA and Sons Manufacturing Ltd.

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RA and Sons Ltd

Importers, Wholesalers and Distributors of a number of materials for the building industry, such as Membranes, Liquid Membranes, Rendering Materials, Jablo, Insulation Sheets, Cement, Plastering Tools, Saftey Shoes, and Waterproofing Solutions among many other items.

Our Brands include Gypsos, Nord Bitumi, 2PV, EcoPol, 3M, Affint, Al Chimica, Naster, Fibran and MTS. We are also the main distributor for Sika products on the island of Gozo.

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RA and Sons Manufacturing Ltd:

Our premises uses the latest technology and manufacturing techniques to produce high quality materials that comply with European and International Standards.

We produce all kinds of Mortars, Adhiesives, Additives, Restoration Products, Humidity Solutions, Industrial Flooring, as well as our latest addition to our product line-up: The RAcoat Colour system – for all kinds of Interior/exterior paints and covers.

Our products are made specifically for the South Mediterranean Region, having specialized formulas that comply with local climatic conditions.

For our full product catalogue, please see below:

 Our History:

With the building industry going through some radical changes in Malta and Gozo in the 1960s, Joseph Attard, a builder at the time, saw a new opportunity for an innovative product –  pre-cast concrete blocks also known as ‘bricks’.

Having bought a plot of land on the outskirts of Xewkija, he developed it into a brick factory that started to manufacture and supply pre-cast concrete blocks in 1972. Together with his sons, Carmel and Raymond, Joseph formed JCR Ltd in 1982 which was the only company in Gozo to use a mechanised system to mass produce concrete blocks at the time.64939_478894872148394_225035017_n

JCR Ltd started off as a general concrete supplier providing concrete products for roofing, concrete planks and the production of small quantities of pre-cast concrete blocks which became widespread in the local building industry. Eventually the company diversified and started importing admixtures and chemical materials from across Europe, especially for the use of concrete structures.

Business took off rapidly and there was an increase in demand for JCR’s products. The company expanded further, importing waterproofing and materials for general restoration. A branch in Gzira, Malta was opened in 1985. Continuous growth in the import sector led to the opening of bigger premises in 1991. A bigger plot was purchased in Mriehel in 1996 with the final trans-location happening in 1998. JCR Ltd acting on the demands of various Maltese builders and companies started importing a range of different materials and acting as wholesaler of chemical products brought over from Sicily. JCR became a leader in the construction industry and the de facto, “Go to” experts for solutions for the construction industry.

In 2013 JCR was further sub-divided into two completely separate organizations – JCR Imports, headed by Carmel Attard; and RA and sons, headed by Raymond Attard. RA and Sons developed a brand new, state of the art, production facility for the RAproducts line whilst continuing to import high quality building materials in Malta and Gozo.

RA and Sons operates from the production facility in Xewkija, Gozo whilst also maintaining two large warehouse, located at units 23 and 24, Hardrocks Industrial Estate, Burmarrad, Malta.

We constantly keep up to date with the latest advances in technology and our factory in Gozo is equipped with new state of the art machinery to keep up with the increasing demand. Or R & D Laboratory ensures our products are up to stringent European standards whilst producing materials using locally sourced primary resources – this gives us the ability to keep prices competitive whilst helping the local economy by utilizing local suppliers.

Quality Policy:

RA & Sons want to maintain their market leader position in the provision of products offering solutions to the building industry.

We do this by selecting and manufacturing products which satisfy the market needs and the expectations of our customers.

Customer satisfaction plays a key role in our business decision making. We aim to achieve and maintain this state of affairs through:

-Defined and controlled manufacturing processes allowing for high quality paint, bag, brick manufacturing.

-Careful selection of imported quality and cost- effective products to compliment the manufactured product range.

-Be the go-to experts for providing solutions for providing solutions to technical primary building challenges. A service oriented approach towards internal and external customers

We develop quality objectives as a platform against which to monitor and measure our performance. Such objectives are developed also by keeping customer satisfaction as an important perspective in the process.

RA & Sons are committed to abide by any applicable requirements for the building industry in which they operate and which are relevant to interested parties.

Every opportunity for continual improvement of the management system at RA & Sons is evaluated and implemented as appropriate, as means to safe guard the continued success of the organization.

Our policy is a shared commitment of all of us at RA & Sons towards customer satisfaction and organization’s success.