Over the years we have always been pioneers in the local construction industry in terms of the materials we have produced.

Never compromising on quality, we have recently flourished from a concrete block producer to making a vast array of top tier products related to the construction industry.

Our Product range is broadly split into the following:


Precast Concrete Blocks

  • Standard Concrete BricksFor construction.
  • Expanded Clay BricksLight weight and better thermal properties.
  • Wooden Mix BricksVery light weight building blocks.
  • Concrete Kerbs For sidewalks and to use as ballasts.
  • Paving BlocksFor pavements and flooring.
  • Cement TilesFor exterior and special use flooring. 
  • T-Beams and Roofing blocks


  • Racem WhiteWhite premixed cement-based external plaster.
  • Racem GreyGrey premixed cement-based external plaster.
  • Raso C WhiteWhite universal cementitious render.
  • Raso C Grey – Grey universal cementitious render.
  • RaprimerTransparent Binding Primer.
  • Rabinder Grey high adhesive binding primer.
  • RalatexWater dispersion elastomer.
  • Neuflex FibresConcrete reinforcing fibres.
  • Premac 116Interior base plaster.
  • Calce IdrataHydrated lime raw material.
  • Villaga Calce IdraulicaHydraulic lime raw material.

Plaster Finishes

  • Rafin PlusFine interior finish.
  • RafinFine exterior finish.

Stone Mortar

  • Rafil Stone ColourPremixed exterior stone-coloured Mortar.
  • Rafil White – Premixed exterior white mortar.
  • Rafil InterniPremixed interior stone mortar.

Stone Protection

  • RaprotexWater-based stone sealer. 
  • RasaltSiloxaine Neutralizer for dehumidification purposes.
  • Decorative Coatingssee below. 

Structural Mortars

  • RafixFibre-reinforced mortar for concrete restoration.
  • RaferAnti-corrosion agent.
  • RaquartzHardening compound for industrial flooring.
  • RashieldCementitious elastic membrane.
  • RastillGrouting for uneven floor coverings.
  • RasokollProfessional render and adhesive for thermal insulation.

Tile Adhesives

  • RabondStandard tile adhesive.
  • Rabond FlexClass C2T: Tile Adhesive for low absorption surfaces.
  • Rabond Flex PlusClass C2TE: Tile Adhesive for use in swimming pools.


  • Rasalt – Siloxaine Neutralizer for dehumidification purposes.
  • RastawNatural hydraulic lime based transpirant mortar for restoration.
  • Rastaw Stone Colour – Stone Colour hydraulic lime based transpirant mortar for restoration.
  • RamodLow shrinkage molding Mortar for restoration. 
  • RagirSmooth finish using hydrated lime.


    • RashieldCementitious Elastic Membrane.
    • Ralastic – Waterproofing liquid membrane.
    • Ralatex – Water dispersion elastomer.
    • HypersealAdhesive Silicone and Joint Sealant.
    • NordbitumiTorch Applied Waterproofing.
    • ElastikBituminous Liquid Membrane.

Additives and Primers

  • Ralatex – Water dispersion elastomer.
  • Raprimer – Transparent Binding Primer.
  • Rabinder – Grey high adhesive binding primer.
  • RasanMould Disinfectant. 

Finishing Tools

  • 3MHand tools.
  • PasiniHand tools.
  • PavanHand tools.
  • PentrilloPaint Brushes.
  • NasterMasking tape.
  • AkifixRendering Net.
  • AffintAluminum Angles.
  • MTSSaftey Shoes.
  • FrankConcrete Spacers.
  • FR.ipTile Spacers.

Insulation Panels

  • Polysynthex, 2PVWhite Jablo (roofing insulation)
  • FibranGreen XPS Sheets (interior and exterior insulation)

Water tanks

  • EcopolAll kinds and sizes of Water Tanks

Decorative Coatings

  • Exterior Walls
    • Raprimer – Transparent Binding Primer.
    • Quartz EcoEconomical Quartz paint for outdoor application.
    •  QuartzQuartz paint for outdoor application.
    • Siloxaine PaintHighly Breathable Siloxaine Based paint for outdoor application. 
    • Siloxaine Primer  Acrylic Binding primer for Siloxaine paint.
  • Interior Walls
    • Raprimer – Transparent binding primer.
    • Dhalia Plus – Superior transpirant water-based paint for indoors.
    • Iris EcoSemi-washable interior water based paint. 
    • IrisWashable interior water based paint.
    • GardeniaSuper washable interior water based paint. 
    • MouldstopWashable, transpirant, water based paint for mould prone areas.
  • Celings
    • Raprimer – Transparent Binding Primer.
    • DhaliaTranspirant Water-based paint for indoors.
    • Dhalia PlusSuperior transpirant Water-based paint for indoors.
    • Mouldstop – Washable, transpirant, water based paint for mould prone areas.
  • Stonework
    • Raprotex – Water-based stone sealer. 
  • Feature Walls
    • Silicati FinaFine textured paste for exterior/interior use.
    • Silicati MediaMedium textured paste for exterior/interior use. 
    • GraffiatoCoarse textured paste for interior/exterior use.
    • Stucco VenezianoMarble effect paste for indoor use.

Below you can peruse our product catalogues.